[development] seeking helper and tester for drupal-6.x-dev oracle driver

Gabriele Turchi gabriele.turchi at l39a.com
Wed Jul 4 14:11:46 UTC 2007

About two months ago I have submitted some experimental patches as
Oracle support for Drupal 5, but I haven't received any feedback from no

I was also in contact with the "schema" module author to do some work on
drupal 6.

From what I can see, there is some interest in porting drupal to Oracle,
but there are even many separate efforts.

Maybe should be useful to collect the available resources and build a
single project...

Gabriele Turchi

Il giorno lun, 04/06/2007 alle 12.00 +0800, Edison Wong ha scritto:
> Dear all,
> My team is now developing the oracle driver for drupal-6.x-dev, please refer to http://drupal.org/node/39260 for detail information.
> We face a great problem: without tester, we can't prove the correctness of our product.
> I wrote a mini-HOWTO about how to let Debian etch, Oracle Database 10g Release 2, Apache2.2, Zend Core for Oracle v.2 and
> drupal-6.x-dev all works together. Hope this can decrease the difficulty so volunteer may find easier to help the successful of this
> project. Please refer to the following links for more information :D
> latest drupal-6.x-dev oracle driver:
> http://drupal.org/node/39260
> drupal-6.x-dev + Oracle Database 10g Release 2 mini-HOWTO:
> http://edin.no-ip.com/html/?q=drupal_6_x_dev_oracle_database_10g_release_2_mini_howto
> Oracle Database 10g Release 2 + Apache2.2 + Zend Core for Oracle v.2, on Debian etch HOWTO
> http://edin.no-ip.com/html/?q=oracle_database_10g_release_2_apache2_2_zend_core_oracle_v_2_debian_etch_howto
> Regards,
> Edison Wong
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