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Khalid Baheyeldin kb at 2bits.com
Fri Jul 6 12:59:21 UTC 2007

Actually, I thought about it some more, and it may be the cache.

If someone looks at it with IE, then that happens to be written to the
cache, then that is what others will see no matter what browser they


On 7/6/07, Robert Douglass <rob at robshouse.net> wrote:
> Hehe... the morning of the launch I decided to look at the site in IE6
> (I had nearly forgotten that this abomination of a browser exists) and
> was thrilled to see that the entire layout was broken. Since the
> mysteries of IE6's rendering engine still haven't revealed themselves to
> me, I just gave up. Apparently I need to implement the user agent
> sniffer a bit better. Sorry for hurling the horrible, life crippling
> insult at you Khalid!
> -R
> Khalid Baheyeldin wrote:
> > I really need to sue someone over this site (Robert, that is you!).
> >
> > It is accusing me of (horror of horrors!) using Internet Explorer!
> >
> > Actually, I am using Firefox on Linux. Using the User Agent
> > switcher extension, it still comes up with the same warning
> > if I make it Netscape or Opera.
> >
> > Moreover, it detects Konqueror as MS IE 6 too.
> >
> > The buttons show fine if I use Firefox on Windows 2000.
> >
> > Get this fixed guys, or send me the code and I will fix it over
> > the weekend.
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