[development] associate dates to nodes

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Mon Jul 9 15:24:35 UTC 2007

Op maandag 09 juli 2007, schreef Victor Kane:
> The short answer is that you want to create special content types
> (reservation), and then, using the content construction kit module (cck:
> http://drupal.org/project/cck) add the appropriate fields, including the
> date field, supported by the date field module  (
> http://drupal.org/project/date).

This won't work. A "room" will need an arbitrary amount of dates. So you will 
need either nodereference, wich won't scale, or some other relational module 
(wich won't scale either).

I'd suggest a custom module that stores its own metadata in its own database 
tables. You'll need to know your DBA and PHP though. But if you do so, this 
is by far the quickest route to take. CCK can do some referential stuff, but 
its interface and its architecture don't allow large amount of references. If 
all you need is two, three dates attached to a 'room' then CCK will do. If 
you need complex amounts and scheduling it won't.

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