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Victor Kane victorkane at gmail.com
Sat Jul 14 09:21:24 UTC 2007

Yeah, old Matt is really a very good ranter.

But after the "feeling ridiculous" wave recedes a little, and we get over
the ugliness of our cherished but oft-criticized "Gophp5" logo, at the end
of the day this is a WordPress-centric and yanqui-empirical short-sighted
cosmovision which needs to be dusted off like a fly.

He blithely asserts that GoPhp5 ignores "the fact that there isn't a
released PHP app today that isn't PHP 5-compatible".

This means that his whole rant is based on an "if my WordPress site works,
what else the f*** do I care about". First of all, there are apps whose
regular version will not run on Php5 in their current version. (dotProject,
for example). And secondly, and this is the most important, for many of us
the shift to Php5 implies a paradigm shift (facilities with XML, facilities
with using the object-oriented paradigm), and not just an "upgrade". So that
we would not be satisfied with something that "works" with both Php4 and
Php5. For the adoption of "new" paradigms Php4 must die! Because having to
support it will cripple the new. This is the point.

His other main assertion is that Php5 is a flop in terms of paradigm and
functionality because it didn't dislodge Php4. And that therefore the
ill-advised Php people are now going to kill off the successful Php (4) and
force the unsuccessful Php (5) down everyone's throats.

Whatever the weakness of the Php5 rollout, it is clear that the courage of
GoPhp5 has paved the road for this recent development on the part of Php to
correctly abandon Php4 and force the migration to the superior product.

Turn our apps into protest pieces? In general, and certainly in this
particular case, we should be proud that Drupal is involved in an
intelligent protest that has embraced change, for the better of all

Victor Kane

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