[development] req: role-specific content in pages

David McNab rebirth at orcon.net.nz
Tue Jul 17 23:00:46 UTC 2007

Hi Drupal devs,

In case there's anyone with a bit of spare time coming up, and open to
ideas, I've had a thought for what could be (for some) a very useful

The idea is to have parts of a node marked-up to be visible only to
certain roles.

This could be achieved with certain SGML-like markups in the node body. 

For a silly example:

  <h3>Sale! All boots 35% off!</h3>

  <restrict role="retailer">
    <p>We've picked up a big consignment of factory seconds from China.
    Faults are very minor, but we can't exactly charge full price for
    them. Otherwise, they're nice lines, and you should turn them over
    no problem. When you order stocks, please quote discount code

  <restrict role="admin">
    <p>FFS Ian! Get off your butt and fix up those order screens!</p>

  <restrict role="manager">
    <p>Sleep easy, Caitlin, we'll get 'em off your hands. You could
       even come out a bit ahead.</p>

  Grab them while they last from your nearest retail outlet, or
  <a href="order">order them online here</a>.



PS - My PHP is way rusty (switched to Python 5 years ago), and I'm just
starting to learn the Drupal API. Otherwise I'd have a go at it myself.

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