[development] Absence - Baby

Piermaria Maraziti piermaria at maraziti.it
Mon Jul 23 19:40:16 UTC 2007

At 21.25 23/07/2007, you wrote:

>with Karlijn and the baby as possible.   I don't know what life will
>be shortly after our son or daughter is born, but time permitting, I
>might actually be around to help and to get some Drupal work done.

It's strange that my first message here (hi all) is something which 
have nothing to do with Drupal but I wish to let you know that with 
my first son I increased my nocturnal activity on Internet (and 
programming) because he liked to sleep on my arms while I was at the 
keyboard... :-) so perhaps you won't disappear for too much!


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