[development] What is gid in node_access table when realm = 'term_access'?

Ron Parker sysop at scbbs.com
Fri Jul 27 19:54:37 UTC 2007

Earl Miles wrote:

> Ron Parker wrote:
>> What is the "gid" value in the node_access table referring to when 
>> the realm = 'term_access'?
> The 'gid' is the 'Grant ID' which identifies the group this grant 
> belongs to. What this means is that every record in the node_access 
> table grants privileges  (either view, update or delete) to the node 
> to anyone with that grant ID.
> What the Grant ID really means is completely up to the realm that's 
> using it. In the case of taxonomy access (which uses the term_access 
> realm), a GID maps directly to an RID, which is a Role ID, and is one 
> of the most common groupings. But for something like OG, the GID is a 
> NID which points to the organic group node that represents the group. 
> Other modules could have other ways to group users together.
Got it!  Upon closer inspection, it appears that my Taxonomy Access 
Permissons weren't what I thought they were.  The RIDs are legitimate.

Thanks so much!


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