[development] Modules up for adoption

Jeff Eaton jeff at viapositiva.net
Fri Jun 1 04:32:01 UTC 2007

With the work going into Drupal 6 development, work, and a number of  
other modules, I've been looking over my list of contrib projects and  
admitting that I simply don't have enough hours in the day to  
maintain all of them effectively. I'm actively seeking maintainers  
and co-maintainers for the following modules. Drop me a line if  
you're interested in any of them and we can chat. If you're familiar  
with Drupal code and want to make a splash, a number of them offer  
some cool opportunities.

Maintainers sought
* Akismet              -- The Wordpress anti-spam API.
   Insert Block         -- Inserts blocks in node bodies using [this]  
   Insert View          -- Inserts blocks in node bodies using [this]  
   Latest and greatest  -- Cast votes on aggregator items.
   Loves and Hates      -- Cast votes on taxonomy terms
* Node Moderation      -- Complex role-weighted voting for nodes
   Related Nodes        -- Taxonomy-based 'similar nodes' block

Co-maintainers sought
   Custom Breadcrumbs   -- Create customized breadcrumb trails for  
each node type
   Custom Links         -- Add links to nodes without code
* Custom Pagers        -- Forum/Book/Gallery style pagers for nodes  
in views
* VotingAPI            -- A backend API for voting and rating modules

Most of these modules would need someone with moderate Drupal  
familiarity, but aren't particularly huge or complex as modules go.  
Starred modules are more complex and/or tricky, and would need  
someone with experience working on other modules and solid  
familiarity with Drupal's APIs and code standards.

Most of the modules in the 'Maintainers sought' category (Akismet is  
one exception) haven't been upgraded to Drupal 5, or are in progress;  
I just haven't had time or had the need to. Most of them (Akismet  
excepted, probably) will become unmaintained after the Drupal 6  
release unless someone else wants to pick them up.

Modules in the 'Co-maintainers sought' category are all running  
smooth on Drupal 5, but my attention is divided enough that patches,  
fixes, and new features only get sporadic attention. I'm hoping to  
find other folks who share a similar vision for their future directions.

If anyone is interested, drop me a line. Thanks!


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