[development] One-to-one tables considered harmful

Earl Miles merlin at logrus.com
Mon Jun 4 09:39:59 UTC 2007

David Strauss wrote:
> Earl Miles wrote:
>> No, you misinterpreted mine. Drupal is modular. comment.module is a
>> module. Now, it's a poor module -- it has some rather nasty integration
>> with the rest of the site which, IMO, it should not. But it worries me
>> that one of the solutions is to re-integrate rather than to make it
>> properly modular.
> The schema for Drupal core is not modular and never has been (at least
> looking back to 4.7).

Wow. This is so wrong that it's a total waste of my time to be even looking 
this shit up.

The following modules install their own tables:


Your argument about core being monolithic is bullshit. It's not. It's modular. 
In some cases, it's badly modular.

Dries comments that 4 modules (other than comment.module) utilize 
node_comment_statistics table:


node.module has dependencies on comment.module that I think are wrong.
tracker.module and forum.module both depend upon comment.module already
search.module -- not sure what's up with that.

In a world where some people have actually written an alternative 
comment.module because the existing comment.module isn't adequate, I beg, 
please, do not change Drupal's fundamental architecture.

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