[development] comments as nodes

Michelle Cox mcox at charter.net
Mon Jun 4 17:15:00 UTC 2007

This is very interesting. I'm currently using the userreview module instead 
of fivestar, even though I'd prefer a star rating, because it lets you 
comment and rate at the same time. I'm interested in trying your approach, 
but I'm concerned about totally replacing the comment module. Have you run 
into any problems with things that use comments such as forums? Especially 
when using flatforum?

I'm getting totally off topic for the dev list... If you prefer, I could 
file an issue with my question. Or you can email me directly if you don't 
mind doing that. This sounds really cool, but I'm nervous about replacing a 
core module like that.


On 6/4/2007 10:56:52 AM, Robert Douglass (rob at robshouse.net) wrote:
> One of the most useful applications that this module has found is also
> the impetus for its creation: voting widgets in the comments that vote
> on the parent node.
> I'm creating a site, for example, where the comments
> are all ratings of the parent node, and each comment needs to have four
> separate fivestar widgets. To do this, the comment node type has four
> CCK fields from the fivestar module where the target of the voting is
> set as arg(1)... meaning the fields belong to the comment nodes but the
> votes belong to the parent node. Very cool.

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