[development] Tips on keeping up? (Yahoo Pipes)

Gabor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Tue Jun 5 07:46:51 UTC 2007

Well, I have done this before: http://drupal.hu/english/node/11

In practice, the problem with this approach is that you only get a few 
of the latest issues (in my case commits), so you need to pipe more 
pages of the drupal.org RSS output into your Yahoo Pipes (we have a 
pager on RSS feed, yes :), unless you check the output too often. My 
pipe does merge the first two pages of commits, as that seemed to be 
enough to track translation file commits, given the speed of commits, if 
we check the output quarter an hour 
(http://drupal.hu/aggregator/sources/2). That still left me feel 
hammering drupal.org, so I am not sure it is good advice to develop 
custom pipes with this concept. It kinda works for us, until my SoC 
project will allow tracking of translations natively on drupal.org ;)


Matthew Farina wrote:
> I've recently been trying to get my mind around the same thing.  What 
> about using yahoo pipes?  Create a pipe at pipes.yahoo.com for all the 
> things you are looking for and subscribe to the feed.
> On Jun 4, 2007, at 7:12 PM, Khalid Baheyeldin wrote:
>> Tao
>> There is a very nifty device that I use that beams the bits right
>> into my brain, using a simple spinal tap.
>> You just enter this URL into it, and issues will appear on a virtual
>> HUD.
>> http://drupal.org/project/issues/rss?projects=3060
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