[development] Backport/Performance patch repository?

Jim Li jimmydami at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 18:26:11 UTC 2007

Hello, first off I apologize if this is inappropriate for this list.

I just leaned that custom logging (by Kahlid) and JS aggregation (by
M3avrck) has been backported to 5.x. So I was thinking does it make sense to
have a central repository for all these fine backport/performance patches,
which may never land in the official 5.x release? (Or does it already
exist?) Another high profile patch I am aware of is the tracker query patch
(by David Strauss). There gotta be more, including some of the locally
applied to d.o. ones that never got released.

All these patches (at least the above 3 I mentioned) would be great to have
on my existing 5.x sites. But they are buried deep in the issue queue or
comment thread, thus easy to miss. My guess is most ppl aren't even aware of
them unless they follow issue queue and dev list closely. Can we somehow
organize them in a central place, Group, Document page or even a Project?
Does it make sense and worth the efforts? Any comments? Thanks.
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