[development] One-to-one tables considered harmful

Earnie Boyd earnie at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Jun 5 19:21:45 UTC 2007

Quoting David Strauss <david at fourkitchens.com>:

> Earnie Boyd wrote:
>> Yes, this is different thinking and I am asking that we think of a
>> comment as nothing more than more content.  I am asking that all content
>> be thought of as having possible relationships to each other.
> That's already possible:
> * Taxonomies
> * Books

That is good.  You forgot to mention the forums module.

>> IMO, it
>> will make for a more robust API and potentially less code.  Obviously
>> others think it is more robust because they build replacement modules
>> for the existing core comment module.
> Code simplicity does not trump performance.

Code performance doesn't trump simplicity either they tend to go hand in hand.


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