[development] Backport/Performance patch repository?

Jim Li jimmydami at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 19:53:50 UTC 2007

I am really sorry Khalid for the mis-spelling, I know it's you from 2bits
did the work. I make sure it's correct this time by copy/paste ...

Gerhard, thanks for your inputs. I understand your concern on support issue,
but I still feel it's pity these fine patches would be buried deep in the
threads, yet they could be quite useful in knowlegeble hands. And I agree to
drumm that issue queue actually is not a proper place for these patches
either, or at least they will be 'wont fix's, and further 'closed' to make
it harder to reach.

Maybe a contrib project makes sense, as Robert and Khalid suggested? A bold
big-font disclaimer of course would be needed. Maybe also create a dummy
module, so every time update.php is run there will be a big warning box: You
have patched core! Undo these patches before you upgrade!  .....hehe...

On 6/5/07, Khalid Baheyeldin <kb at 2bits.com> wrote:
> On 6/5/07, Jim Li <jimmydami at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > Hello, first off I apologize if this is inappropriate for this list.
> >
> > I just leaned that custom logging (by Kahlid)
> No, he did not do it. I did it.
> > All these patches (at least the above 3 I mentioned) would be great to
> > have on my existing 5.x sites. But they are buried deep in the issue
> > queue or comment thread, thus easy to miss. My guess is most ppl aren't even
> > aware of them unless they follow issue queue and dev list closely. Can we
> > somehow organize them in a central place, Group, Document page or even a
> > Project? Does it make sense and worth the efforts? Any comments? Thanks.
> >
> Maybe just a catcall project called "backports". If not, then a taxonomy
> term, called
> "backports" that these patches can go against?
> This is of course with the appropriate disclaimers: "use at your own risk,
> may kill your
> unborn children, block upgrade paths, ...etc."
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