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Wed Jun 6 03:21:24 UTC 2007

/ delurking

Ahhh man! They are about 3 years late. Especially with this one  :

> View multiple blogs on one website, with easy archiving
> With the MT aggregator, you can now easily pull posts from some or  
> all of your blogs into one page for easy viewing. You can present  
> those blogs in even more ways, with expanded options for archiving  
> content by date, organizing content by category or tag, and  
> archiving blog content by author.
Aggregator and the spam module where the deal makers for me ... just  
don't tell Anil I said that ;)

OT : Can I say I am in love with whomever developed BUEditor, Image  
Assist and Captcha? Not to say I am not in love with all the module  
makers (I have a kazillion running through all my sites), but ...  
sniff ... you done good especially with these three.

Now if someone could clone PODPress and make it so easy and simple as  
that for Drupal ... I'll be forever grateful. I have attempted now 5  
times to implement the audio module to no avail WHATSOEVER ... and  
yeah, yeah instructions, blah dee blah et cetera.

I set up a podcast blog with WordPress in 15 minutes. Tops to bottom,  
fully configured. Took 10 hours to decide which lovely theme to use.  
*That* was the difficult part.

/  back to lurking ...


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On  05.Jun.2007, at 05:30, Gabor Hojtsy wrote:

> Hi,
> Seems like Movabletype (a Perl based blogging platform that was  
> king before Wordpress) tries to get back the momentum which was  
> lost when some licensing issues arised a few years back and many  
> people migrated to Wordpress. They have a good looking redesign of  
> the admin interface and a GPL based open source model for the code,  
> as well as a new plugin architecture. They are aiming to get  
> through the "blogging app" limitation (which many customizers cut  
> through anyway) and become a more versatile CMS with social  
> features (starting with OpenID of course :)
> http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/movable_type_40.php
> http://www.movabletype.com/mt4/
> Gabor

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