[development] Should I submit a new module?

Steven Jones darthsteven at gmail.com
Wed Jun 6 08:53:15 UTC 2007

So the cache is cleared indiscriminately of all data older than say 10
mins, even if I don't tell drupal to clear the cache (either by
calling cache_clear_all or creating a node etc.)?

This is surely a maximum cache life too then, i.e. should be called
just "cache lifetime"

On 06/06/07, Stefan Borchert <stefan at borchert.cc> wrote:
> Steven Jones schrieb:
> > Because "Minimum cache lifetime" keeps things in the cache for longer,
> >
> Errm, no.
> <quote from admin/settings/performance>
> "The minimum cache lifetime is the minimum amount of time that will go
> by before the cache is emptied and recreated."
> </quote>
> If you set it to "10 min" the cache is cleared every ten minutes (on the
> next page request).
> greetings,
>  Stefan
> > On 05/06/07, Stefan Borchert <stefan at borchert.cc> wrote:
> >
> >> Why not use "Minimum cache lifetime" (can be found in
> >> admin/settings/performance)?

Steven Jones

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