[development] Should I submit a new module?

Richard Morse remorse at partners.org
Wed Jun 6 18:24:41 UTC 2007

On Jun 5, 2007, at 3:04 PM, Stefan Borchert wrote:

> Why not use "Minimum cache lifetime" (can be found in admin/ 
> settings/performance)?

In this particular case, the cache wouldn't have been determined to  
be invalid by Drupal.  This page is a listing of all the users, with  
some of their profile data.  I'm not using my module site_user_list  
because at the time I set this site up, site_user_list couldn't do  
what I wanted, and with only ~20 users involved, I don't mind running  
user_load on each user; especially since only two users can actually  
log in, so everything is being set up for anonymous users.  When I  
added a user, Drupal doesn't know that this is going to change the  
display of the page, so it doesn't invalidate the cache.  So I need a  
way to force the cache to be emptied.

However, I think I may have an even better solution -- I had  
forgotten the idea of a PHP page (which is stupid on my part, given  
that this problem was caused by such a page).  So I could create a  
page which runs the cache clearing code without the need for a module.

I'll try to put something up in the PHP snippets section shortly  
about this.


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