[development] Requiring node revisions

Michael Favia michael at favias.org
Thu Jun 7 19:11:30 UTC 2007

David Strauss wrote:
> I don't think a fixed number of revisions is as useful as a date cutoff.
> If someone uses revisions so community members can edit nodes, it's very
> easy to abuse a fixed number per node cutoff.
David what do you think about letting the user decide this and placing 
the two options under the content type editing interface in 

A "Revision History" field group with:
Maximum number of previous revisions to keep: (Select Box with the 
following options: None, 1, 5, 10, 25, 100, Unlimited)
Delete revisions older than: (Select Box with the following options: 
Never/None, Today, 1 Week, 1 Month, 1 Year)

Obviously those are just suggested values, but i think it is a start. It 
provides good control and addresses your and others issues in a decently 
coherent manner while allowing you to set different settings depending 
on the content type so that you can keep "wiki content type revisions 
while discarding more static types like articles as desired.

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