[development] Requiring node revisions

Frederik 'Freso' S. Olesen freso.dk at gmail.com
Thu Jun 7 22:08:06 UTC 2007

2007/6/7, David Strauss <david at fourkitchens.com>:
>Minor edits are only marked as such for human interpretation. There is
>no difference in the software handling.

Actually, differentiating between "major" and "minor" (or minor and
regular) edits enable people to only watch major/regular edits and
skip the minor ones if they want (this applies both to MediaWiki,
MoinMoin, and probably a fair share of other wiki systems).[1]
Whether or not reviosioning goes in to be default, I'd actually like a
check box to mark edits as minor or not - even if only to tell whether
it is a simple comma correction edit or a major refactoring of a page.

[1] A little ps.: My point was that if humans mark an edit as minor,
software can handle it differently depending on ones settings - e.g.
send a notification or not, show it in a list of recent changes or
not, ...
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