[development] Requiring node revisions

David Strauss david at fourkitchens.com
Fri Jun 8 05:24:35 UTC 2007

Larry Garfield wrote:
>> Then maybe we should move toward having a revisions cleanup system that,
>> by default, deletes all old revisions. It would still be a big code
>> simplification. If the system is set to keep no old revisions,
>> node.module can simply delete old revisions after saving the new one.
> I believe I said that ~20 messages ago. :-)  
> If we're going to have an "always on" revision system, then it really does 
> need to include a self-cleaning mechanism by default as well.  Otherwise you 
> have a system that takes more effort to maintain, or else never lets you 
> delete anything.  Let's not be Google. 

Or maybe even my original post:
> Using modules that automatically clean up old revisions can cap the
> increase in database size.

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