[development] JavaScript translation and themeing

Konstantin Käfer kkaefer at gmail.com
Fri Jun 8 18:37:26 UTC 2007

Hi all.

Today, a patch went in that brings translation of JavaScript files  
and theming to Drupal. There are new JavaScript functions called  
Drupal.t(), Drupal.formatPlural() and Drupal.theme(). The usage of  
these functions is pretty much like their server side equivalent.  
Thus, you are now required to wrap your strings in JavaScript files  
in Drupal.t() calls, just like you wrap t() around them in PHP code.

Drupal.theme() is a client-side themeing function for JavaScript. It  
is pretty simple (just several bytes), yet rather powerful. If you  
have to add HTML code to the page using JavaScript, you should create  
a theme function in the Drupal.theme.prototype namespace. Themes can  
override these default theme functions by adding a function to the  
Drupal.theme namespace. These theme functions can for example be  
placed in the script.js file in the modules root directory. This file  
is now automatically added to the page (if present), just like  

JavaScript theme functions can return about anything, a plain HTML  
string, an array of jQuery objects, a regular expression etc. It is  
advised to return an object (= array with indexes) of jQuery objects,  
so that the actual module code can easily determine which objects to  

Thanks to Gábor who continuosly reviewed this patch and brought it to  
a rtbc state.

Konstantin Käfer – http://kkaefer.com/

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