[development] Can I move the sites and profiles directories?

Michael Prasuhn mike at mikeyp.net
Sun Jun 10 01:38:00 UTC 2007

On Jun 9, 2007, at 4:05 PM, Dave Cohen wrote:

> I'd like to separate my work from core Drupal.  As of 5.x, Drupal  
> supports the
> sites/all directory, where I can put my modules and themes.  And  
> that's a
> great step in the right direction.
> However, to make my source code more manageable, I'd like my sites and
> profiles to be outside the Drupal directory.  Without going into  
> too much
> detail, this will allow me to manage my code with svn's externals  
> property.
> So today my directory structure looks something like this:
> www/drupal-5.1/index.php
> www/drupal-5.1/sites/
> www/drupal-5.1/profiles/
> www/drupal-5.1/[lots of other things]
> And what I'd like is something like:
> www/drupal-5.1/index.php
> www/sites/
> www/profiles/
> www/drupal-5.1/[lots of other things]

I'll second Boris. I'm using symbolic links in my SVN in a similar  
manner. I haven't tested it with profiles, but my structure is  
something like this:


and in sites/all/ I've made symbolic links to ../../../local/modules  
and the same for themes. Files gets ../local/files placed in  
drupal-5.1. This works well because none of these directories are  
included with a default Drupal installation. After this I import the  
www directory into my repository and it works fine on the server and  
on my localhost.

I tried putting all my profiles into a subdir under /profiles. i.e.  
at profiles/myprofiles/profilename.profile. But this doesn't work and  
results in a "failed opening ./profiles/profilename.profile" error.

Are you having any other problems with symbolic links?

Michael Prasuhn
mike at mikeyp.net

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