[development] Use revisions to replace previews

Larry Garfield larry at garfieldtech.com
Sun Jun 10 16:09:14 UTC 2007

I can easily take several hours on some posts or comments.  Yes, I should be 
writing those in another program and copying them in.  No, I don't usually do 
that. :-)  I don't think I'm alone in doing so.

On Sunday 10 June 2007, FGM wrote:
> Both issues could be addresses by a cron-generated purge on saved previews
> older than a given time limit, like 1 hour. That way, neither abandoned
> previews nor spam would create "permanent" junk.
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> > [...] I don't finish everything that I start writing so every once
> > in a while, I abandon the post in which case the previews and the
> > node ID would still be in the database?  That said, I'm not opposed
> > to an auto-save feature or a 'Save as draft' feature.  Except that it
> > should somehow align better with my mental model.
> >
> > Something else to consider -- spammers will often try to submit spam
> > to your site. Even if they don't make it through, they might insert
> > permanent junk in your database.
> >
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