[development] PHP 5 > aggregator.module rewrite to XML API?

Morbus Iff morbus at disobey.com
Tue Jun 19 11:00:39 UTC 2007

> Especially after Aron's measurements, that show SimplePie being
> more than 20 times slower than the Drupal's core parser
> (http://groups.drupal.org/node/4519) I am beginning to lose hope in a
> one parser for all solution.

I don't want one-parser-for-all-solutions either - see my comments on 
the wiki, which includes one potential workflow that I personally need:


With that said, speed is not really an issue here, IMO - just like we 
can (and will) fiddle/scale with the downloading of thousands of feeds 
in hook_cron, the same thing can be done with processing time. As 
already mentioned in the comments of his tests, SimplePie does a lot of 
filtering to ensure the data is sanitized (granted, a lot of what Drupal 
  could do as well, but which wouldn't have been considered part of the 
original parsing times, I suspect). What SimplePie does provide, 
however, is a much greater field of correct parsing - something that 
Drupal's core parser fails to do (helpfully contributing to its 
appearance of "speed").

> See here: http://groups.drupal.org/rss-aggregation
> and: http://aggregation.novaak.net

Yes, I've been watching. However, this is
Drupal 7 material. I can't wait that long.

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