[development] Go PHP 5, Go!

Walt Daniels wdlists at optonline.net
Thu Jun 21 15:28:39 UTC 2007

 > It's OK...every full Drupal update leaves many Drupal users behind for a
significant portion of time. Ponder that :P
 I have one site for a conference in three weeks which is still on 4.7. It
goes away after the conference so I am not even considering upgrading to
5.1, both because if it ain't broke, don't fix it, and I don't have the
time. It is not a static site with no changes, I update it several times a
day as the conference start approaches.
I have another site, not on any CMS, that hasn't had a change in two years.
It is for a dead project that may become active at some time in the future
so it is interesting only historically at the moment. Yes, I would probably
change it occasionally if it were on a CMS and easy to do trivial things,
but it is not currently worth the time to convert it to Drupal.
Eventually something happens that makes it necessary to upgrade, host goes
dead, bad security bug appears, mission changes, etc.
There are probably still several million PCs running Win98. That is not bad
if it is sufficient for the user. We don't have to worry about people still
running Drupal 4.6. They will eventually upgrade or drop out no matter what
we do.
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