[development] Date Calc and ADODB date library

FGM fgm at osinet.fr
Fri Jun 22 18:14:48 UTC 2007

I don't know for other modules, but with Zeitgeist already including its own
date library, this would certainly some kB off of it.

What's worrying me more is two things:
- do we really want to maintain two fork off PEAR, as you mention yourself
- this means a lot of code to be parsed that won't really be used afterwards
in most cases.

selective loading, as in php5's _autoload mechanism, would obviate the
second point, but only works out of the box with PHP5 (which would fit
nicely with the GoPHP5 thread)... and with classes, not pure functions.

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From: "Karen Stevenson" <karen at elderweb.com>
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Subject: [development] Date Calc and ADODB date library

> I have decided that it would be really useful to add the PEAR Date Calc
and the ADODB date library to the Date API by reworking the original code to
use Drupal coding conventions and styles and making them available as
natively-available Drupal include files.  Both have BSD licenses, so my
understanding is that it is OK to do this. Anyone know for sure if that is
true? And does anyone know exactly what parts of the original license info
should be retained in the reworked code or how I should attribute the
original modules/authors?
> Also, as I work through them, it occurs to me that once they're
'Drupalized' they might potentially be nice additions to Drupal core. They
could then be used by a wide variety of core and contrib modules that do
things with dates and schedules and calendars without the need to duplicate
all that code.
> The risk of doing this is that someone needs to keep up with the original
code in case there are bug fixes that need to be ported to our fork, but
both of these libraries are very stable and haven't changed much.
> Together they would make many things possible, or at least make them
> Thoughts??
> Karen

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