[development] Summer of Code Idea

Kyle Cunningham kyle at codeincarnate.com
Fri Mar 2 13:52:17 UTC 2007

Hi All,
I've become very interested in participating in the upcoming summer of
code for Drupal and I have an idea about what I'd like to do with my
proposal.  I was just wondering what you all thought.

I was thinking of making a system that automatically mirrored files,
scanned folders and otherwise made downloads available through the use of
metalinks (http://www.metalinker.org/).  So for instance, upload a file
with Drupal and then that file is automatically sent to mirrors and a
proper metalink file created (or a download page, I suppose there could be
a number of preferences here).

So I was just wondering what everyone thought.  Any criticisms or
expansions to this idea?  I'm aware that the isn't a full fledged proposal
yet, but that is what I'm trying to get to eventually.  Thanks for any
Kyle Cunningham

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