[development] progress control (like in update.php)?

Yves Chedemois yched.drupal at free.fr
Mon Mar 5 23:32:52 UTC 2007

Neil Drumm a ecrit le 05/03/2007 23:12:
> It is already decently abstracted. The upload module uses it.

Not really. Progress.js is quite generic, and this is what upload.module 

If you have, say, massive db queries to run (CCK has, for instance, and 
it seems node acces can't ensure that they won't hit php timeout limit, 
and can't defer them to cron tasks, you have to basically duplicate a 
large part of the logic in update.php to have it run in small bits ...

The idea is to provide an API for modules to simply define their 
'progressive' / 'batch' / 'whatever' operations without having to 
reinvent update.php.

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