[development] Menu feature -- can we lose this, please?

Neil Drumm drumm at delocalizedham.com
Tue Mar 6 00:55:06 UTC 2007

On 3/5/07, Karoly Negyesi <karoly at negyesi.net> wrote:
> > so chx. I very much agree with you, except it would be nice if
> > admin/build were completely hidden instead of showing a page stating I
> > don't have access to this section.
> That is not impossible, a simple access callback is needed which would determine whether there is more than one thing for you on the collection page.

This is what MENU_ITEM_GROUPING does last I checked. It is used to
show node/add if any children of node/add are visible. I tried to use
this a long time ago, before the admin menu reorganization, to remove
the 'access administration pages' permission. The problem I ran into
was admin/help wanting to be visible if the parent is visible. I
haven't looked at it recently.

I'd like to see the 'access administration pages' permission removed,
in favor of showing the top-level admin pages when someone has access
to any sub-page.

Neil Drumm

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