[development] progress control (like in update.php)?

Gabor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Tue Mar 6 08:51:59 UTC 2007

Yves Chedemois wrote:
>> Neil Drumm a ecrit le 05/03/2007 23:12:
>>> It is already decently abstracted. The upload module uses it.
> Not really. Progress.js is quite generic, and this is what upload.module
> uses.
> If you have, say, massive db queries to run (CCK has, for instance, and
> it seems node acces rebuild has), and you can't ensure that they won't
> hit php timeout limit, and can't defer them to cron tasks, you have to
> basically duplicate a large part of the logic in update.php to have it
> run in small bits ...
> The idea is to provide an API for modules to simply define their
> 'progressive' / 'batch' / 'whatever' operations without having to
> reinvent update.php.

Indeed. Importing tens of .PO files in autolocale (which is about to 
become a core part of Drupal 6 if possible) is another task of this 
kind. So we should think about abstracting this out on the core level.

What about a progress.inc, which is used by update.php and loaded by 
this heavy lifter modules when need be, but otherwise does not bother 


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