[development] progress control (like in update.php)?

Yves Chedemois yched.drupal at free.fr
Wed Mar 7 03:47:33 UTC 2007

Karoly Negyesi a ecrit le 06/03/2007 11:47:
>> What about a progress.inc, which is used by update.php and loaded by 
>> this heavy lifter modules when need be, but otherwise does not bother 
>> Drupal?
> Yes! I like the idea, very, very much like. If this gets implemented, I would like to get the ability of outputting some information on each reload so that the user is not left in the dark.

I uploaded the code I have in my sandbox

As I wrote in http://drupal.org/node/124727#comment-207879,
it still needs some love and polishing, but the basic functionnality
seems ok, so I think it this might be a good dtarting point.

I have to leave the keyboard for a few days, and did not have time to
- update it for HEAD (it is for drupal 5 currently)
- generate a proper patch (having troubles including new files in a 
patch, ya know...)

I'll get to it as soon as I get back. Meanwhile, any 
feedback/advice/bashing welcome.


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