[development] WYSIWYG editors considered harmful for site admins (and in general, but that's a separate thread)

Kevin Reynen kreynen at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 01:03:07 UTC 2007

I'm in Austin right now and more than a bit buzzed (thanks
collegehumor.com, the Onion, and Salon for the beer and sushi!).   if
you are interested in the direction of TinyMCE, pleaase join the
TinyMCE developers group on groups.drupal.org.  Also, I think I'm
doing the Dojo lesson this Sunday about the new functionality Nedjo's
patches have (re)enabled.

TinyMCE has emerged from it's dark days and thanks to Nedjo has a very
bright future.

BTW... the 4 Kitchen guys have been doing a great job promoting Drupal
at SXSW and BarCamp Austin.  Their PressFlow module are REALLY slick.
Everyone should be looking at what they are doing with

- Kevin

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