[development] Proposed hook_message_alter

Greg Holsclaw Greg.Holsclaw at trouvemedia.com
Fri Mar 16 17:49:13 UTC 2007

Unfortunately, there are many. I will try to compile a list and submit
bugs, but even the best modules like devel miss t() on a message or two.
A quick search results in 1305 uses of drupal_set_message in 5.x
releases modules, and quick look around found almost 10 in less than 100
messages checked.

Of course, the underlying need for this hook is still present even if
all modules use t(), due to the fact that dynamic insertion of change of
the message is not possible through the translation method.


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Greg Holsclaw wrote:

> short-comings to this method. First, even though all core modules use
> t() for the text to make it translation ready, many contributed
> do not.

If you find such a module, please file a bug against it. Not translating

user visible output isn't acceptable.


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