[development] Proposed hook_message_alter

FGM fgm at osinet.fr
Sat Mar 17 08:51:56 UTC 2007

Maybe this also means that for some modules which can't use t(), it might be
a worthwile recommendation to module authors to comment in code why they are
not using it: there are still some cases where you can't use it.

This could (should ?) be added to the t() api page, and maybe to the module
developer's guide.

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> Unfortunately, there are many. I will try to compile a list and submit
> bugs, but even the best modules like devel miss t() on a message or two.
> A quick search results in 1305 uses of drupal_set_message in 5.x
> releases modules, and quick look around found almost 10 in less than 100
> messages checked.

It's not just messages. And also, if there a lot, then there should be
critical (yes, this IS critical) bugs filed for every single project saying
"there are t calls missing" and adding a few examples. Let the
(co)maintainers find the others. It's not that you shall scourge 1000+

t() must be a habit because if you get used to output raw, then you will
have an XSS hole before long which t() could have avoided. That's why it's

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