[development] SoC 2007 Project Idea

sime info at urbits.com
Wed Mar 21 06:03:11 UTC 2007

I'd say go for it - assuming you can cover Dries requirements noted here 
(#2): http://drupal.org/node/128406

Kris Manohar wrote:

> Hello All,
> My name is Kris Manohar. I am currently a first year student of the 
> University of the West Indies. I am interested in the google summer of 
> code but who isn't right? Well here is my two cents on an idea i have 
> for SoC i would appreciate it you guys could give me some feedback on it.
> Synopsis
> ========
> Drupal does not natively support a hierechial container for nodes. The 
> Drupal philosophy is about using categories and views for structuring 
> content. While this flexible and dynamic approach is superior to the 
> traditional folder paradigm, it makes operations that must be 
> performed on group of nodes difficult. The debate about inclusion of 
> such a hierachial container has been raging in the Drupal community 
> for a long time.
> Drupal already provides a rich set of functionality to select a set of 
> nodes based on complex criteria, and to persist this set of nodes 
> through the Views module. My proposal is a compromise between the 
> paradigms of traditional folders and Drupal views. It is for a module 
> to implement "writeable views". A writeable view is a traditional 
> Drupal view which exposes its nodes for use in operations by any other 
> module, as a single node. A writeable view is a standard content type 
> whose instances are standard Drupal nodes. The implementation of 
> standard Drupal node hooks by the writeable views module will allow 
> Drupal core + modules to operate on a writeable view instance, which 
> will result in the operation cascaded to all nodes defined in the view.
> There will be no separate interface for creating writeable views. 
> Writeable views begin life through the standard Views module. A 
> writeable view is simply a standard Drupal content type which when 
> instantiated is a link to the nodes returned by an existing Drupal 
> view. Modifications to the writeable view node do not affect the 
> standard view in any way. However, a writeable view is a standard 
> node. Operations on this node like setting permissions, generic node 
> properties, workflow state, or deletion, are implemented by the 
> writeable view hooks to cascade operations to each node. The primary 
> benefit of writeable views is that it preserves the Drupal way of 
> categorizing content and at the same time provides the facility to 
> treat a set of nodes as a whole.
> Thanks much!
> Kris Manohar
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