[development] Drupal 5.1 on RHEL5 - virtualized

Boerland, Bert bert.boerland at getronics.com
Thu Mar 22 11:41:16 UTC 2007

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> this is not too much useful, but maybe interesting:
> I am trying Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Server now and tried to install
> one virtualized host and benchmarked Drupal 5.1 running on Domain 0 vs.
> Virtualized host.

While not Drupal relevant perse, I think that many Drupal implementers and hosting parties will go through the same process. Especially since RedHat changed its license policy in 5ES; all virtual machines OS-es are covered now by the hosting OS license, making it "cheap" to use Redhat in virtual environments.

> The hardware is: Intel Celeron 2.8GHz, 1x 80GB IDE HDD, 1.5GB RAM

Please note that this hardware doenst do hardware based VT and hence your results will be off compared with "new" servers (AMD/Pacifica, Intel/VT)

More relevant test can be found at

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