[development] How to become a comaintainer

Sam Tresler sam at treslervania.com
Wed Mar 28 17:34:40 UTC 2007

hex wrote:
> Hello.
> WebLinks.module is owned by ideaoforder
> (http://drupal.org/user/43583), who hadn't been active for a few weeks
> and is generally not quite active, looking at the personal tracker and
> commit statistics.  There's no way to contact that user, and there are
> 26 active issues, some of which are critical.  I'd be glad to fix
> them; I'd be glad to co-maintain this module, because I use it and I'm
> planning to use it on more web sites in the nearest future.  Is there
> a way to do that?  I have a CVS account, if that help.

I was in a similar situation with a few modules.   The process I 
followed at the time was the following:

1) Use d.o. contact form twice.
2) Open an Issue against project asking for co-maintainership there with 
a decent interval (I used 2 weeks)
3) Mail INFRASTRUCTURE list to ask for co-maintainership.
4) Continue trying to contact project maintainer while working issue queue.

Good Luck

-Sam Tresler

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