[development] Primary keys: some are wrong, others are missing

Barry Jaspan barry at jaspan.org
Tue May 1 14:52:38 UTC 2007

Currently, Drupal defines primary keys for some of its tables but in
practice does not really use or rely on them as primary keys.  The
Schema module, however, is going to use them.  I will soon begin
development of Migrate, a module for incremental data migration
between Drupal systems, and only tables with primary keys will be able
to participate.

To that end:

1.  node's primary key is wrong.

Currently, the primary key of the node table is (nid, vid), and we
have a unique index on (vid).  I think this is incorrect.
Semantically, if a node has nid 12 and vid 30, we do not think of it
as "node 12/30", we think of it as "node 12."  The path to access it
is node/12, not node/12/30.  More precisely, the nid is what uniquely
identifies the node as an entity; therefore, it needs to be the
primary key.

So, we can change the primary key to be (nid), add a unique index on
(nid,vid), and leave the unique index on (vid) too.  There will be no
performance consequences or code changes outside system.install.

2.  Other tables have no primary key.

The tables block, filters, flood, permission, and term_relation have
no primary key.  They should, and the Schema module will need them to
if they are to participate in upcoming functionality.

Note that we do not have to change the code to *use* these primary
keys, we just need to add them.  Since we have now resolved that using
auto-incrementing fields is allowed in Drupal, we do not even need to
change module code to maintain the primary key.

These two changes will require a core schema update with patches in
system.install.  If there is consensus, I'll submit a patch.



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