[development] FormHelp Module Idea - name that module

Mike Cantelon m_cantelon at straight.com
Tue May 1 16:34:17 UTC 2007

David Metzler wrote:
> Ok this weekend, I coded up a new module and am ready to 
> release/commit it.  I evaluated "help tips" and "form filter" but they 
> seemed to be going in different directions, so I think I'm ready to 
> commit a new module.    Currently, this module is named formeditor, 
> but before I commit, I thought I'd get some input on what to call it.
"Formeditor" is kind of vague (and likely to get the module confused 
with others that are for building/editing forms). Maybe "formlabeller" 
or "formdefaults" as the tweaks this module does seem to focus on 
descriptive text and form defaults?

Mike Cantelon

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