[development] Oracle patches for drupal 5.1, first alpha

Gabriele Turchi gabriele.turchi at l39a.com
Thu May 3 16:56:12 UTC 2007

Hi all.

these are my first attempt to provide Oracle support for drupal 5.1
(core - CCK and views will follow shortly).

Php 5.2.1 with oci8 module is needed (there are many oci bugs in the
previous versions).

The database provider is named "oci8", as in php. 

My source was the pgsql version. 

The porting for "blog" and "forum" modules is incomplete.


This is a (linux) patch file, change directory to a drupal 5.1 root and
run "zcat 20070503-drupal-5.11-oracle.patch.gz | patch -p0"



These files must be un-zipped and installed in <drupal-5.1>/includes.

Best regards,

P.S.: I'm sorry, my english is alpha version.

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