[development] low hanging fruit for Drupal 6: variable defaults

Earnie Boyd earnie at users.sourceforge.net
Thu May 3 20:17:09 UTC 2007

Quoting Moshe Weitzman <weitzman at tejasa.com>:

>> We should however keep an optional second argument. I don't always use
>> the same second argument, and that's intentional.
> we now have six years of experience with variable_get(). We rarely 
> rarely use this technique. I don't think we have to design for such 
> rare cases. Just because we can think of a use case does not mean we 
> have to directly support it. My .02
> i welcome the centralization of defaults.

I didn't think of this when responding to Gabor but here is another what if:

We make the second argument optional and if not supplied we use the 
constant DEFAULT__MY_VARIABLE and if both are missing the variable name 
is used.  This gives Gabor a key to use to translate the text and it 
gives others a smoother transition after six years of using 


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