[development] files owned by uid, patch review request.

Andre Molnar mcsparkerton at yahoo.co.uk
Mon May 7 05:49:49 UTC 2007

Darrel O'Pry wrote:

When working on drupal.org/project/webfm the first thing we decided was
that a file has nothing to do with a node until its attached.  So the
webfm file table associated files with the uploader (user).
Associations with nodes are handled by a webfm_attach table that has a
fid nid relationship.

If core were to move in that direction webfm could be re-jigged to use
the core tables and voila - instant file browser for some people
(thought not one that could be used in core because it absolutely
depends on javascript - no graceful degradation).

We've already worked out file renames, file moves, file deletes, dir
renames, moves and deletes - (with drag and drop and ajax no less)
keeping the db up to date with each user action.

I've been waiting to see the direction the wind was blowing for core
file handling code - webfm (or some new variant of it - [lots of ideas
being developed at the moment - and much needed refactoring]) intends to
use as many core functions as possible - so that it is a less radically
different file handling tool - and that our efforts may somehow combine
to a much improved set of core file handling tools.


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