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Johan Forngren johan at forngren.com
Tue May 8 21:35:42 UTC 2007

I must agree with Gerhard. I have no clue what outlining means. However,
book is just as bad IMO as I can't quite relate it to the hierarchal
structuring it provides. The same goes for taxonomy, which I still don't
know what it means. I can use it, but I can't explain it.

Structuring organize categories hierarchy are words that crossed my mind.

Sorry for not being very creative/productive here.

On 5/8/07, Gerhard Killesreiter <gerhard at killesreiter.de> wrote:
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> Michael Favia schrieb:
> > Gerhard Killesreiter wrote:
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> >> Peter Wolanin schrieb:
> >>
> >>> We're hoping to have a replacement for the book module that will be
> >>> more general for creating a hierarchical site structure.  What should
> >>> such a module be named?  Poll here:
> >>>
> >> Does it need to change?
> >>
> > Unfortunately i think it does. I was initially very confused and didnt
> > attempt to use this modules true purpose and ability for outlining and
> > organizing content hierarchically because of the name. One of the most
> > misnamed modules we have IMO. It just doesnt convey its ability. People
> > seem to agree that outline is a preferred name and i concur that the new
> > name does a much better job of conveying meaning.
> Heh, I've heard the contrary especially from new Drupal users. Everybody
> knows what a book is, but wtf is an outliner?
> I don't even know how I'd translate that to German.
> Cheers,
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