[development] Custom Theme Settings

Earnie Boyd earnie at users.sourceforge.net
Sat May 12 15:06:54 UTC 2007

Quoting Robert Douglass <rob at robshouse.net>:

> Right. What Earl said. Except that if Fergus expects John to have 
> looked into Fergus' sandbox before beginning development on this, 
> well, that's not realistic. If I were in John's shoes I would have 
> ended up writing a new module, too.

I remember some discussion when I first started this list about the 
removal of sandboxes.  Could this have been the reason?  If the code is 
good enough to be used then make it a module and don't hide it; IIRC, 
was stated by someone.

> -Robert
> Earl Miles wrote:
>> John wrote:
>>> It's not the same code, but even if it was... aren't we all writing 
>>> Open Source software?  :-)
>> Yes, but Drupal encourages collaboration to help reduce the enormity 
>> of user confusion of having too many versions of the same task. 
>> We've been losing this over time as more and more duplicate modules 
>> are creeping in, but we do *try* to convince duplicate module owners 
>> to collaborate and reduce the number of paths.

How can this be controlled?  What methods could be put into place to 
help reduce the duplication?  Self policing doesn't work well for these 
situations.  We need some stronger methods to control the desire to 
create YA module of the same function.


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