[development] update/replace the book module - poll, questions

Steven Peck speck at blkmtn.org
Sun May 13 22:23:22 UTC 2007

Oh yes, let's just rename it.  After all we have no years of historical need
to be consistent with our names.  The rename of taxonomy to categories in
the UI has worked out excellently for everyone.  Especially as someone
submitted a contrib. module named categories.  That hasn't resulted in any
support/forum or documentation issues at all.

There is no need to concern anyone with the vast number of forum and
documentation posts (or the few bits of marketing material) that reference
book module as a way to make a site.

Renaming it will result in years of confusion.  Which has been a PAIN with
taxonomy/category UI.  IF it does get renamed, then we get to hunt down
_anyone_ who submits or approves a contrib. module named 'book'.  

It would have been better to write documentation that educated people.


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> Subject: [development] update/replace the book module - poll, questions
> We're hoping to have a replacement for the book module that will be
> more general for creating a hierarchical site structure.  What should
> such a module be named?  Poll here:
> http://groups.drupal.org/node/3941
> joshk indicated a willingness to be involved in the coding, but we
> really need feedback on what kind of UI such a module should have:
> http://groups.drupal.org/drupal-dojo/book-project
> Also, a question- any suggestions for how the upgrade/install path
> should look (at the code level) if the module name changes?
> -Peter

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