[development] Reconciling mysql & pgsql schemas

adrian rossouw adrian at bryght.com
Tue May 15 02:12:12 UTC 2007

On 14 May 2007, at 8:23 PM, Barry Jaspan wrote:

> As an example, the first mismatched table is aggregator_feed.  The
> comparison report translates as: "Table aggregator_feed has a column
> named 'description'.  hook_schema for this table says the column has
> no default value but the actual database column has a default value of
> ''."  Sure enough, if you look at the mysql and pgsql CREATE TABLE
> statements, you will see that mysql's (which is what was used to
> create the "declared" structure) has no default while pgsql's (which
> is what was used to create the "actual" structure) has one.

It's late, and my memory is a bit spotty right now, but
iirc If you don't specify a default value in postgres, if you make a  
query , it will cause the query to fail.

The default is basically like a 'required'.

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