[development] Drupal Netvibes Universe

Matthew Farina matt at mattfarina.com
Tue May 15 21:43:48 UTC 2007

Netvibes is interested in providing a drupal universe at  
www.netvibes.com/drupal.  I put together an initial universe based on  
some feedback I previously got from the list.  It should be complete  
by the end of this week.  Is there a place in the community we can  
advertise this?

Initially the universe consists of 2 pages being a general and a  
developer page.  The general page has on it the drupal planet, drupal  
pics on flickr, drupal.org rss feed, drupal groups homepage feed,  
drupal events from groups.drupal.org as a webcal, drupal on  
del.icio.us, the lullabot podcast, drupal general discussion, drupal  
showcase, and drupal new modules.

On the developer page there are feeds for the drupal dojo, lullabot  
articles, drupal translations forum, drupal core forum, drupal module  
development forum, drupal theme development forum, drupaldigest CVS  
mailing list, drupaldigest documentation list, drupaldigest  
development list, and a block with quick links for developers.

Is there anything else that would be good to have?

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