[development] Open ID status report (and easter egg)

James Walker walkah at walkah.net
Wed May 16 20:56:02 UTC 2007

Hey Robert :)

On 5/16/07 1:44 PM, Robert Douglass wrote:
> Is there any chance of Open ID getting into Drupal 6? The issue for this
> seems to be here:
> http://drupal.org/node/131026
> The last patch is from March and no core committer has commented on it.
> This is supposed to be one of the killer features for Drupal 6, and it
> is the right thing to do. What can we do to raise awareness of the issue
> and build some momentum behind  it?

So, I have a draft post to this list with exactly this kind of update
and "call to action" ... it's been slightly delayed over the past week
as version 2.0 of the spec is nearing completion I've spent some time
making sure our implementation is ship-shape.

Essentially - all work for core has been happening in the openid module
contrib project.

>From my point of view - the two things really outstanding are:

* making sure "valid" accounts are created as per :
http://drupal.org/node/137401 and http://drupal.org/node/137400 (which
means, really doing user_register validation) ... I have a fix for this
just about (say 80%) ready to commit

* adding a tab to allow users to associate OpenIDs with existing
accounts, multiple OpenIDs per account, remove openids, etc. (For anyone
 who has tried the Wordpress plugin... you may be familiar with where
I'm headed here). http://drupal.org/node/143419 is related here.

Both of those were on my schedule for completion last week - but as
mentioned some spec-compliance cleanup was in order (plus we had a
DrupalCampToronto that I got sucked into). I've been trying to hold off
on my postings until they're finalized (realizing that folks are excited
about the features).

To anyone interested in having a look -  Grab the HEAD branch of the
openid contrib project and have a look, patches are more than welcome to
the openid contrib module (I've had some great ones already from folks).

Heh. And I guess that covers most of my upcoming post.. but I will keep
the list notified as things progress. :)
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