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Augustin (Beginner) drupal.beginner at wechange.org
Mon May 21 14:41:25 UTC 2007


I need help about javascript, and I would like to document better a few things 
at the same time (like I did a short while ago about the cache API: I 
recycled the help I received to make a handbook page where one was lacking).

I have never coded any javascript nor used jQuery before, so I deserve my 
handle more than ever on this topic.

Unfortunately, there is no introductionnary and Drupal specific documentation 
about javascript, and about the proper use of js within Drupal.

There are a few js snippets or js related handbook pages here and there 
(especially within the php snippets section: 
http://drupal.org/handbook/customization/php-snippets ).

I suggest we create a separate handbook section for javascript (see request:

What is missing, is a Javascript API page, that would serve as a general 
introduction to using js within Drupal.

Please help me answer the following questions, and I'll put it all together 
into a handbook page:

Is the Drupal js API limited to those? 

What js is included with core, that one can use without messing with any js 
(what is needed here, is at least a short introduction to the core .js files:

[augustin at 203 misc]$ ls *.js
autocomplete.js  collapse.js  drupal.js  jquery.js  progress.js  
tableselect.js  textarea.js  update.js  upload.js

when they are used (i.e. included in the page request), what can be done with 
them without needing adding any additional js code, etc.

If jquery is included in core, does that mean that I can start adding the 
relevant tags in html without bothering with js code??

What else would a beginner need to know, to get started efficiently working 
with Drupal and js? 

Beside http://www.learningjquery.com/ , http://jquery.com (hmmm, the latter 
times out), what other web sites or (Drupal-specific) articles hosted 
elsewhere would it be useful to link to?



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