[development] Justifications

Steven Peck speck at blkmtn.org
Tue May 22 18:26:40 UTC 2007

I don't normally do this but I feel moved to on this occasion.  

Sometimes people try and justify their argument by saying they heard
something isn't done because some mysterious 'others hate' something.
Please don't do this.  Just because you 'heard' something does not mean it's
true.  It is also NOT a reason to justify your attempt to change something.
There are other/better ways to marshal your arguments in favor of change and
it automatically makes the rest of your justification weaker.  Managing an
Enterprise infrastructure is more complex and diverse then "it's not done
because someone hates something".  If it's time to review or change
something, then it should be done on it's _own merits_ with a full
understanding of the reasons the policy exists in the first place, _not_
with accusations or rumors claimed as fact.

 It's easy enough to have a _vision_ of the future, but sometimes people
have more _visions_ then time or people to implement.  If people give you
tools or rights to accomplish one of your visions, then you have more
credibility if you actually start or complete it for getting people rallied
around your next _vision_.  

Steven Peck

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